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ViaBill integrates seamlessly into your website’s checkout flow and enables higher conversion, AOV, larger basket size, and revenue.


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How Viabill Works

1. Checkout

While shopping your customer sees the option to buy now and pay later with ViaBill.


2. Approvals

They select ViaBill as their payment method at checkout, then fill out a few fields for a real-time decision.


3. Settlement

You process their order, ViaBill settles the full amount with you, and your customer pays ViaBill over time.


4. Shipment

You can ship the products to your customer immediately. Once approved, your payment is guaranteed.


You're in great company

ViaBill is favored by leading brands everywhere

What shop owners say about ViaBill

“ViaBill contributed in reaching a whole new customer segment for our business. We have experienced an 85% growth of ViaBill transactions in the last year. Our customers paying with ViaBill have a higher repurchase frequency, which makes ViaBill an indispensable and a profitable payment method for us.”
Rune Risom
CEO at Hungry
"We have experienced an increase in consumers preffering ViaBill for their payment at Coolshop"
Jakob Risgaard
Markering Director at Coolshop
"As a leading Danish website, Saxo requires the major payment solutions. ViaBill is obvious for us - and it works"
Peder Skjalm Lissner
CFO at Saxo
"ViaBill has become an indispensable payment solution on WhiteAway's webshop. It increases our convertion rate and basket size"
Johannes Gadsbøll
CEO at WhiteAway

Get the answers to your questions about e-commerce financing

How do I add ViaBill to my store?


It’s simple. When partnering with ViaBill, we handle everything for you. Our onboarding team will gather the necessary information to install ViaBill on your store, typically within 48 hours. If you wish to handle the integration by yourself, we will provide you with what you need to get started.

How do I get paid and who takes the risk?


ViaBill pays you upfront and assumes all fraud and credit risk. Please click here to read our terms & conditions.

How is ViaBill different than other payment options?


ViaBill is different because it doesn’t require any payment due at checkout. We don’t do any credit checks. We don’t charge any interest for purchases up to $300 and your customers can pay us back in up to 4 monthly installments.

How do my customers learn about ViaBill?


Your customers learn about ViaBill through the ViaBill PriceTag. The PriceTag is a widget located on every product, cart, and checkout page on your store. The PriceTag shows your customers how low their payment would be when checking out with ViaBill. When they click on the PriceTag, they will learn about ViaBill in more detail and will be prompted to choose ViaBill during checkout.

What kinds of businesses does ViaBill work with?


Thousands of retailers already use ViaBill as an easy payment solution for their customers.
From large retailers to mid-size e-commerce stores, startups and everything in between – ViaBill is suitable for all e-commerce businesses.