Interview with NaturAll Club on the benefits of ViaBill’s flexible payment model

NaturAll Club’s Revenue Increased by 10 Percent with ViaBill 

NaturAll Club is a hair care company specializing in kinky and curly hair that only uses natural, safe, and non-toxic ingredients for their products. Due to NaturAll’s emphasis on quality and intent to not cut corners, some of their products were out of the price range of their desired demographic. ViaBill’s payment flexible model has allowed NaturAll to retain more customers and increase revenue.

“Launching ViaBill on our Shopify store was an incredible decision. We increased our revenue by over 10 percent,” said Jamie Cooper, Director of Strategy for NaturAll Club. “ViaBill orders have a 30 percent higher average order value [AOV] than our standard orders, and our customers are happy because they now have the flexibility to pay for hair products on a schedule that works for them.”

Integrating ViaBill into their checkout process has greatly benefited NaturAll’s bottom line. Below you will find an interview with Jasmine Goodwin, NaturAll’s Director of Marketing, about the many benefits of using ViaBill.


Why did you choose to integrate with ViaBill as a payment option for customers?

Prior to using ViaBill, we would hear some concerns from customers because our products at times were a bit pricey for their budget. We care about our customers and know they come first. Our mission is about uplifting and fostering our community, and ViaBill allowed us to lower the pricing barrier without relying on the discount. ViaBill’s payment flexibility option has made our products more appealing for all consumers. 

By listening to our customers and hearing their positive reactions, we feel validated for making this decision. This is the perfect compromise.


Why did you choose ViaBill over other options?

Being able to pay for your purchases in four installments was perfect. It eased the anxiety for us about when we’ll get the payments, and there’s no anxiety for the customer either.

What has been the feedback from customers?

They are ecstatic! They are absolutely thrilled that we implemented something that makes buying the products easier for them. A lot of our customers have said that they would typically have to wait for a sale to afford our products. Our customers have been constantly asking for something like this, and we are glad that ViaBill provides exactly what they need.

Also, due to ViaBill our customers are looking to buy more products because it is cheaper upfront. Both our sales and conversion rates have gone up since we launched ViaBill. Our orders have gone up by 8.6 percent, our revenue has increased by 11.3 percent, and our AOV has grown to over $65 from $50!


How has COVID impacted your business? 

Sales have been booming since the end of March. Salons are closed and people look to hair care as a necessity. Not only has the demand increased, but with ViaBill we have made it easier to buy our products.


“Viabill’s Marketing Team was amazing to work with and they provided so many resources and tips that helped us launch a successful campaign. Their technical team was also great and helped us integrate Viabill into our site, smoothly and efficiently. We (and our customers) are so happy to be using Viabill!,” said Jamie Cooper, Director of Strategy for NaturALL Club.

How difficult was it to integrate  ViaBill with your current e-commerce platform?


It has been super easy. ViaBill has made this journey so seamless for our web team. ViaBill actually helped set it up. We didn’t have to do much. ViaBill even walked us through everything including the coding. It has been very easy and we have not had any glitches. It has been a great experience.


What’s it been like to work with the ViaBill team?

We’re so grateful. They worked with our team to get things up and running, and have been super helpful and super responsive. It has been such a seamless process and we’re grateful to have this opportunity.

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