Jed North interview

Interview with Jed Jin, the CEO of Jed North.


We are happy to share our latest interview with Jed Jin, the CEO of Jed North. Jed North is a US-based online sports apparel retailer specializing in uniquely designed men’s and women’s workout apparel and casual clothing for fitness-orientated individuals. Here’s what he had to say about the experience working with ViaBill so far.

Why did you choose to use ViaBill as a payment option for customers?

We noticed that some of our competitors started various payment plan applications such as Afterpay, where you can make payments in installments, so we started talking to different service providers and ViaBill really stood out.

The initial cost for ViaBill is less than its competitors. We were a little skeptical at first because the cost was so affordable, and we’d never used a payment option platform before, but everything has been really good.


Why did you choose ViaBill over other options?

Like I said, cost was a really big factor, and cost is very important to most startups. If a startup learns that they can save 20 cents here or there without a reduction in quality, they’ll choose to save the 20 cents. Also, ViaBill has great customer service. They understand that for a lot of their clients this may be their first time using a payment plan service, and that some hand-holding might be necessary. 

With another provider they’ll just “create a ticket” and it might take a while for them to fix the problem. With ViaBill if there is something that needs to be done, updated, removed, added, etc. ViaBill does it in a few hours. ViaBill’s executives will even respond when there is an issue. We quickly realized that ViaBill takes merchant service seriously, and that we would not be just another number.


What has been the feedback from your customers?

So far, it’s been good. ViaBill is a pretty straightforward service. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember any customer complaints.


How easy was it to integrate ViaBill with your current e-commerce platform?

We’re on Shopify+ and it was pretty straightforward and easy to integrate ViaBill. The fact that I don’t recall any issues says enough.


What has it been like to work with the ViaBill team?

The easy integration and low commission fees have won us over. Also, the fast response and good customer service is great too.


What have the results been so far? Have you seen an increase in basket size when customers use ViaBill? A reduction in abandoned shopping carts online? An increase in sales?

We haven’t analyzed all of the data yet, but plan to look into it. We can say ViaBill has already helped with conversions, so that’s good.

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