Self-Install ViaBill in Minutes

We've made it easy for you to install the ViaBill module for Prestashop. It's Free! If you would like to speak to a merchant success representative, please contact


Step-by-step guide


1. Receive an email from us

We will send you a form to fill out so we can verify your business, as well as collect additional information so we can pay you.

2. Capture your customers' orders

When your customers checkout with ViaBill, you will receive the order notification, after which you will need to capture the order in your eCommerce platform. This step is crucial! If this is not completed within 7 days, you will be unable to receive the payout for this order, as ViaBill will be unable to collect on it.


3. Get paid

When you capture and fulfill an order, there will be a 5 business day pending period before your payout becomes available. As soon as your payout is available, it will be issued to the bank account you provided.

4. How to contact us

If you have any questions about ViaBill or need help getting set up, reach out to us! or (929) 242 – 1110.

How does ViaBill financing work?

Why should I add ViaBill to my store?


ViaBill has proven to increase conversions and AOV.

The ViaBill Price Tag is an attractive way for your customers to see how low their payment can be in comparison with your full purchase price.


Allowing your customers the option to pay in monthly installments opens up the potential for them to spend more, increasing your revenue.

How do I get paid and who assumes the risk?


ViaBill pays you upfront and assumes all fraud and credit risk. Please click here to read our terms and conditions.

Does the ViaBill Price Tag help?


You bet! Our merchant partners that feature the ViaBill PriceTag on their product page and cart page (eg. “Only $15 /month with ViaBill”) experience a significant increase in sales and average order size.


When you click on the Price Tag, it explains how easy it is to use ViaBill and prompt the visitor to select ViaBill at checkout.


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