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Tech life at ViaBill

ViaBill has a fully remote development team. We are passionate about clean code and open-source software. Our core values are to help each other, share knowledge, and learn continuously. The company has a mature, AWS, Kubernetes, CI/CD, monitoring and alerting setup. Every infrastructure component is managed as code and is version controlled. This gives Developers high autonomy, and makes it easy to test, review and monitor changes. The platform allows to run of automated tests and deploying applications safely and quickly to test and prod environments, multiple times per day.

Istvan Gyori, DevOps Tech Lead

Even pre-pandemic ViaBill was operating with a fully remote developer setup. This means we have 5+ years of experience designing development processes to support this, which in turn allows us to source amazing talent all across the globe. Developers at ViaBill are a key source of best-practice and product innovation, which thrives extremely well in such a multicultural setup where everyone gets to work on new products; from idea development to production deployment.

Claus Linde, Chief Product Officer

Over the 3 years I have spent at ViaBill so far, the company has grown, we overcame interesting challenges, and delivered fascinating and impactful products. What hasn't changed is our remote-first culture, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. Everyone in the development team is helpful, skilled, and eager to take on new challenges – while also valuing work-life balance and time to rest.

Daniel Kis-Nagy, Front-end Developer

Being part of ViaBill for more than 9 years has given me the chance to be part of a fantastic growth journey. I started in Support and today I am a Core Specialist with ownership of a significant area in the company. This journey has been fun, tough but exciting, and ultimately only possible because of the high level of trust and the best team around me.

Helle Michelsen, Senior Product Owner (Core Services)

ViaBill is always open to new ideas from any department in the company (and even from the customers!). Product teams has been proved their operational success in the past years. When you have these both in your company as a developer, you get amazing goals to reach, exciting tech challenges to solve and lots of opportunity for personal development.

Enes Abdullahoğlu, Mobile Tech Lead

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