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Shop at Amazon, Target or Walmart? Shop anywhere with your ViaBill Visa – both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. You can apply for a ViaBill Visa which is included in your ViaBill+ account.


Flexible payments
over 24 months

ViaBill+ offers a flexible payment plan that suits your life and your plans. Split your purchase into 4-24 monthly installments.* The choice is yours!



300 credit
4 fixed installments
Maximum duration: 365 days
ViaBill credit only accepted in selected online stores
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ViaBill+ for current customers

As a current ViaBill customer, you may qualify for a ViaBill+ account.
Log in to your MyViaBill account and go to the 'Upgrade' menu to see whether you qualify for ViaBill+.

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Download the ViaBill app and you can apply for your virtual ViaBill Visa immediately.

ViaBill Visa

Use ViaBill Visa anywhere Visa is accepted with your ViaBill account – both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.**

Pay as you wish

ViaBill+ offers a flexible payment plan of 4-24 monthly installments.* Choose the one that best suits your life and your plans.

Higher credit limit

Enjoy a credit limit of up to $1,500 with ViaBill+.*** You will not be charged if your balance is 0.****

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The choice is yours.

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